African Colours

Platform for the promotion of African Arts through the internet

The African contemporary art world is on the move. What it needs is a platform on which it can showcase itself - to Africans but also to the rest of the World. Since July 2000, African Colours encourages cultural exchange and exhibits and promotes contemporary African art on its internet site The philosophy is to show the works of all visual artists, independent from artistic dispositions. AfricanColours stimulates equal participation, openness, information sharing, freedom of artistic expression, without limitations and across cultural and social boundaries.


The Dressing - By Richard Onyango, taken from the African Colours website mnmrl

Through the promotion of African Arts by internet, a wider understanding and appreciation of African Art and Culture is encouraged worldwide. Art is highlighting messages of empowerment and cultural identity. For the individual artist, opportunities are generated that allow access to a wider market, direct contact with fellow artists, clients, invitations to art galleries, biennales and fairs.

Hivos supports AfricanColours because it promotes African contemporary visual arts in various respects, through the effective use of ICT. African artists are expected to get more international attention, artists and works are more easily identified and recognized, the artistic quality and productivity may improve because of mutual influence.

Source: the Hivos website.

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