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An amazing designduo from Amsterdam that takes fashion beyond its realm.

And Beyond of designers Jolanda van den Broek (1977) and Brigitte Hendrix (1978) communicates through shape and printdesign. The collections are a reflection on the ‘zeitgeist’. A remarkable aspect is the immer present rough edge in an ‘unheimliches’ and allienated reality. The avangardistic And Beyond reacts on the present time and uses fashion as their medium to evoke emotion.

Jolanda van den Broek and Brigitte Hendrix both graduated from the fashiondepartment of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2005. During their study they discovered the strength of working together. Although they graduated with two individual collections, they immediatly presented their work as one piece. Two highlights of their graduation collections were a lifesize knitted horse, part of the work of Jolanda. And the re-defined ‘PLO’scarf of Brigitte.

1 + 1 = 3
The fusion of the two designers makes a strong combination. Jolanda works from shape and an abstract feeling surrounding the concept. She translates this into perfect patterns. Brigitte is the more critical and fashion side of And Beyond. From this angle she creates the prints and colours.
The designers are critical on eachothers work, because of this and the fast changing world around them, they not rarely decide to change a whole collection completely, late in the proces. This need for an actual and perfect image makes And Beyond strong.

And Beyond, And More
And Beyond is a multidisciplinary label that goes beyond fashion alone. Next to national and international exhibitions, And Beyond works for clients in fashion, art and design projects.

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