Call for videoartists

To present at the Opzichterhuisje

The Opzichterhuisje is a statement by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout. In 1993 he saved de small house from demolishment and recreated it into a monument/artwork. The Opzichterhuisje is located at the Cruquiusweg 0.
It is set at a former emplacement that served as stop to load and place goods from 'exotic' countries. These goods were stocked in the former stockhouses, named monday through sunday. These 'exotic' goods were then shipped to other countries in Europe. At the beginning van the 'lane', where the stationemplacement is situated, in remberence of its history, a buttompart of a trainwagon is placed on rails that is left there.


Homo Sapiens Sapiens (2005) - Pipilotti Rist, Pipilotti Rist

As of 1993 the Opzichterhuisje officially has become a statemonument. It is now used as a projectionspace by Rona Mathlener Projecten.

Starting May 29th 2009 until May 30th 2010 Rona Mathlener Projecten willpresent videowork from Dutch as well as international artists in the Opzichterhuisje. The Video's will be shown through the glass windows of the space. Each work will be shown during a period of 3 weeks, 24 hours a day. The viewings will be announced through newspapers, artmagazines and flyers that will be spread throughout the city of Amsterdam.

For the series Rona Mathlener is searching for videoartists who create work that is suitable to present/screen in public space.

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