Julien Aubert

I'm the founder of the blog Fais Moi Jouer !. It means in French "make me play" what we translate as a wish to bring more people to take part to interactive experiences in general. First of all, we are Alternate Reality gamers. We started by announcing the ARG releases, then we decided to express our perspectives on the genre.
Discussing with profesionnals drove us to enlarge our vision. Since recently, many ARG designers qualify their games transmedia experiences. I find it very cool because Fais Moi Jouer mostly talked about extended experiences (series, movies, books). Bringing people in a fictionnal world is not easy. I know many games failed because of that. I observed that ARG based on existing franchise or video content works better. That's why I guess I'm here now :)

The blog is written in French. Our audience is half French and half from Quebec (french Canada). We are the only blog that focus on ARG and transmedia adventures in French language. Our main target is potential ARG gamers. (We will start soon to work closely with Lostpedia Community for the Lost ARG.) But we oberved that many marketing blogs are now quoting us. We publish two posts weekly. We prefer publish fewer posts but with greater content. That's what drove us the interview the designers of the first french ARG. Soo, we will release video interview of Christopher Sandberg (DollPlay, TEVA), Stéphane Raymond (Mazda 33 keys) and Geneviève Cardin (The Rivard Project).

Attending Picnic will allow me to meet the many persons I follow everyday and to enlarge my vision about what I'm passionated about.

What would I do during Picnic as a blogger?

We will create a Picnic section on the blog (faismoijouer[dot]com/picnic). Before going to Amsterdam, I'll promote my initiative to marketers and activate my community asking them what they would like me to do/ask for them. Of course, I'll be on Twitter 24/24 :)
In this section, I'll publish summury of the panel I'll attend. I also want to make short interviews, "One people, One question" so they can be published in a very short term.

I'm aware I'm not a huge media, but what I can say is that the content I'll put on the web will be qualitative and made with passion. Don't bother asking me more details about me and the blog.