Mike Ryan

(UK) sucessful entrepreneur and expert at placing context on content

Mike is a futurologist, entrepreneur owning one of the UK's best respected online technical development companies. Idaho also advise and work with government, universities, many major PLCs, and map knowledge and learning in innovative online solutions. Experienced in partnering, co-production and collaboration.

See more of what Idaho does at www.idaho.uk.net

He's interested in talking about convergence and developing more web 2.0 projects and licensing Idaho's knowledge community IPR to others. Mike's currently protoyping with RFID, vlogging and GIS.

Mike is also Secretary of Manchester Digital representing over 400 ICT/New Media companies in the North West of England. He's also helping his sector converge with gaming and traditional broadcast in Manchester - which is probably the second most important new media market in the UK after London.

Through it all he is more interested in people and real world problems that technology can solve rather than talking tech for the sake of it.

He has interesting views on convergence and singularity.

If you want to meet, have a drink, talk about real life then Mike will be pleased to meet you.