rik wagter

new media for digital signage/ narrowcasting

I am founder of Opalio, a distributed Media Lab that creates"mind moving media" for digital signage. I enjoy coming up with surprising concepts to play perception. We develop new advertising means by integrating new displays in revolutionary ways.

This year Opalio introduced spinnXS: the rotating digital billboard. A double sided billboard with large area LCD's that turns to create attention & 360 degree visibility. A great eyecatcher for out of home advertising, events and POS.

In the near future SpinnXS will turn into a sustainable medium, a rotating windmill with Epaper / E-ink displays (pat. pending). This medium will generate it's own power and be an effective way to generate store traffic.

Now I have your attention: Opalio is looking for BUSINESS PARTNERS, for marketing/ sales and manufacturing. We allways are open for collaboration with students and other medialabs.