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Since i started sharing my thoughts via i’ve worked for several companies in the music- and advertising industry. Today I’m co-owner of Appletree Records and share my thoughts professionally via lectures and consulting. is an influencer weblog since 2002 that
transformed to a Rich Media Application in 2008.
This R.M.A. works like an online desktop and includes news supported by audio & video channels covering interests in a wide spectrum of music, design, trends & technology in a real and authentic way directly to the influential trend-setters market segment with an entirely unique approach to distribution and content. By revealing interviews with progressive talented people, articles on emerging trends/cultures and presentations of products in their raw form Nalden speaks to the influencers in their own language.

Online Advertising
The Good Things of Corporate Sponsorship. The Corporate Sponsorship of Good Things. This is my philosophy. Contact me for more information about the sponsor and wallpaper-advertising possibilities on like Heineken, Bacardi and Universal Pictures among others did.

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Represented by Edsonwilliams