Matt Adams

Matt Adams makes performances, installations, games and interactive artworks.

He co-founded Blast Theory in 1991, a group renowned for its multidisciplinary approach pioneering the use of new technologies within performance contexts. The group has used interactive pressure pad systems triggered by audience members, video and audio streaming, and more recently, the convergence of collaborative virtual environments and mobile devices. Since 1997, the group has collaborated with the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the University of Nottingham. Works such as Desert Rain, Can You See Me Now? and Uncle Roy All Around You have broken new ground as complex mixed reality projects combining urban game play and narrative using GPRS and 3G. Since 2000, Blast Theory has developed cross platform works for BBC Fictionlab, Channel 4 and BBC Interactive. Matt co-curated the Screen series of video works for Live Culture at Tate Modern in 2003 and curated the Games and War season at the ICA in London in 2003.


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