European Bloggers Lab

25 Sep 2008
26 Sep 2008

A variation on the successful 2007 European Bloggers (Un)Conference. This “European Bloggers Lab” will again bring together proven innovators and active bloggers from around Europe and its neighbourhood. It will spotlight innovative best practices, facilitate networking, and nurture ideas...

Participation is on invitation only. Applicants through the PICNIC Network will be informed BEFORE THE WEEKEND of the start of PICNIC08 whether they have been accepted. After receiving your invitation and registering to the Network please also send a message to

EJC invitees can contact us at to receive a 10% discount on any PICNIC ticket of their choice. To do so, you need a so-called discount code.
Please beware that participation in our Lab does not include access to all PICNIC areas but to the selected Lab only and social events!!!

In this year's programme our speakers will share their ideas concerning the following areas:

Keynote speaker: Paul Keller - KnowledgeLand
We live in an information society. We cannot escape information.
We look at individual business strategies that have proven successful in their ability to adapt to the burgeoning attention economy. How can media workers make a living in this attention economy? What is the relationship between corporate media and individual voices? Which business models are sustainable?
Mini-presentations by: Ulrike Reinhard (, Francesco Federico (

Keynote speaker: Ethan Zuckerman - Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Global Voices
Information is abundant. The good we are short of is not information itself - but the capacity to do something with it, to select it and use it. So how do we handle the overkill? How do we navigate in the flood? What keeps us from drowning? Corporate culture believes that “trusted brands” will help us in our orientation. We believe that one key element enabling better navigation is the interface: it is connecting the wealth of available knowledge with the users looking for answers, and it is connecting users of like minds and interests.
Mini-presentations by: Jure Cuhalev (, Karel Platteau (, Andreas Fuchs (

Keynote speaker: Heike Sperling -
Technology profoundly changes the way we live, communicate and do business. It also affects who we are and the way we experience ourselves, others and the world in which we all live. So is there a need for “identity management”? Will our individuality be superseded by the possibilities of playing multiple roles in the digital arenas? We will discuss issues of individuality and role play and look into the notion of “identity” in the 21st century.
Mini-presentations by: Yaroslav Azhnyuk (InternetInitiatives), Emin Huseynzade (Sirr), Ayman Abdel Nour (

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Do you want to apply for this lab? Then make sure you have an active PICNIC Network acount. If you don't have an account yet, please go to and create one (it's free). It will give you access to profiles of more than 10.000 PICNIC Network members and you will be able to apply for one of the labs (just return to the Lab page of your choice).

The European Journalism Centre will make the final selection of actual participants. Selected participants will recieve a confirmation and a registration code in due time. Make sure your PICNIC Network profile is as complete as possible, to make it easier for us to select you