Iris van Gelder

Iris started 8 years ago at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam where she learned all the graphic design basics.
After 4 years her study in fashion and trends started.

In the summer of 2007 she graduated with a project about nano-capsules in clothes, she developed a hoodie with Iris flowerscent in the fabric.
2005: Meanwhile she had some assignments as a fashion stylist for Glamcult Magazine. 2006: she had an exhibition in Los Angeles at Am gallery with her work "Are diamonds really forever?".

In the same year she had her internship at VMP-footwear where she designed shoes.
At Aon she continued with a second internship, there she learned to understand the corporate world.

Since september 2006 she is the dutch contributer and streetshot photographer for Format magazine.
2007 April: she was asked to make streetshots for MSLM-magazine (Female moslim fashion now). Her contribution consisted of 24 photos in the MSLM-magazine and 3 mansize pictures in the exhibition that is now traveling around the world.

2007 September: she happily started at the Royal academy of Arts in The Hague where she studies Interactive media design.