Maureen van der BRUGH

innovation, cross media, 3D, gaming, interaction

Two partner events in one: Presentations motion capture and 3D-stereo clip and a 3D workshop by Philips.

Eye Am and Stichting Fris have joined forces for presentations of a project about the creation of innovation and crossmedia in the Eastern (Twente, Enschede) and Western(Amsterdam and surrounding area's) Parts of Holland. Showing the creative potential of the Blue Box of Philips, that changes 2D content into 3D content and is still in it's development stage, FOR THE FIRST TIME.

The innovations and cross media use 3D, interaction and gaming. The first results of this project are shown at the Picnic and will focus on the adaption of the previous technology and media for Motion capture (east) and a 3D stereo clip(West). 3D stereo is the illusion that images come out of the screen like JAWS 3D only then in colour and without the glasses (West).

Virtual Events will also host a 3D workshop where 3D solutions of Philips will answer the technical issues of 3D solutions and the 3D-Display.

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