Peggy Weil

Digital Media Artist

Peggy Weil is a digital media artist and designer focusing on interactive and immersive design.

As a member of the original Architecture Machine Group (now the M.I.T. Media Lab) she has designed
pioneering interactive projects creating titles for The Voyager Company, Broderbund, Electronic Arts, Von Holtzbrinck and Ravensburger Interactive.

Weil was awarded the MILIA D'OR in Cannes in 1998 for the CD-ROM series Moving Puzzle. Weil has taught at the USC School of Cinema Interactive Media Division, as well as the Institute for Multimedia Literacy. She designed the original Roden Crater website in 1996 and is working on a comprehensive redesign for Skystone and James Turrell.

Weil is the mind behind MrMind, a bot administering a reverse Turing Test for over a decade.  She was creative producer and designer for the Redistricting Game, a USC Annenberg Center sponsored project
to increase voter awareness about congressional redistricting.

Current work includes GONE GITMO, a virtual installation of Guantánamo Prison and WALL JUMPERS a trans-media visualization of the world's separation fences.