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SNDRV - artist - hybrid / new media expert


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Combines marketing concepts with artistic detours, disguises sophisticated hi-tech concepts with low-tech looks, unites virtual and physical spaces and mixes digital logic and control with dynamic, organic processes.

Although new media is the origin of most of his projects, often incorporating online functionality, Sander Veenhof’s main focus is connecting new media to our physical space. Interactivity is key in his work, even when an audience isn't aware of the bigger picture and can't even choose -not- to participate. Sander creates installations that express website statistics by plant growth. He has a crowd browse YouTube videos by performing or showing objects in front of a camera, and he created meet-and-greet opportunities for people and virtual world avatars.The concepts Sander realises aim to be new, remarkable, provoking or fun; reflecting issues in our current and future online and offline society.

Sander works as an all-round freelancer, sometimes in cooperation with companies, organisations or festivals, either on request or because of his own urgency to present some specific concept at a specific spot. Sander’s plans for the future are to keep on constructing and developing innovative prototypes, while transforming some of the commercially viable ones into concepts to be produced and repeated at various kinds of events.

In July 2009 Sander Veenhof graduated from the Instable Media department of the Rietveld Academy. Before that, he was awarded a degree in Business Computer Science at the VU University Amsterdam. A contrasting but valuable combination and exemplary of his fascination for bridging seemingly incompatible worlds.

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