business magazine for female internet heroes

The Next Women online magazine is the female side of, Businessweek,, and and the business side of Red, Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar

We are creating an international cross media platform about women in business, aimed at female (future) founders, CxO’s and VC’s of internet companies.

Focus is on startups and growing internet businesses, be it in the media, service, retail, communication or any other industry. We are creating a platform in which we will discuss business topics from a female angle. Also, we will profile female heroes in business, and make them notable and quotable.

Work, Meet, Match, Read, Think, Play and in no particular order!!

We are still in alpha, beta whatever, but we are working hard to put everything in place. Drop us an email at simone [at] or linde [at] if you have comments or want to participate or contribute to TheNextWomen