Monique van Dusseldorp

PICNIC Food and Fun Dinner Party

Host your own dinner party!

25 Sep 2008

The evening of Thursday 25 September, the second day of PICNIC, is actually the most important networking moment for PICNIC delegates.

Deals can still be done the next day. The talks and discussions are still fresh. It’s an evening for creative sparks and new alliances. In a three day event, the second evening is simply the perfect networking moment!

So what are we doing? We will organise a PICNIC Dinner Party from 19.00 until 22.00 – with some wonderful interactive entertainment – in the splendid Gashouder

All PICNIC delegates will be able to buy a voucher to take part and enjoy dinner.
Vouchers will cost 40 Euro and can be purchased at the PICNIC info desk in the Gashouder.
But for partners, we also offer the following special option!

PICNIC partners are invited to join the PICNIC team as the hosts of a wonderful evening.

• Buy your staff, new friends or business relations a three course dinner
• Get a reserved table for 8 with your name plate on it
• Get a waiter to serve food and drinks

In short, instead of standing in line to pick up your Picnic basket, you can be a generous host to a group of 7 people. If you are interested, carefully read the options below.

Who can host a PICNIC dinner?
This option is at the moment reserved for PICNIC partners: sponsors, specials and labs organisers, media and marketing partners, and speakers. If you think you should be included do let us know. Should we have any tables left, we will inform you via the PICNIC newsletter. (We have only 50 tables so if you are interested, do not wait too long with making your reservation).

What will we eat?
Our catererer De Laurier will provide a delicious selection of cold and warm foods. Starting with a basket of 'Dutch Bites', followed by a choice of hamburger or fish of the day, served with local vegetables and finishing with cheese and chocolate. It's an informal PICNIC style dinner. For more details click on the following or on the PDF under this text.

What does it cost?
The basic costs for a three course dinner for 8 including water and 4 bottles of wine (red or white) is Euro 560 Champagne (50 Euro per bottle) can also be ordered in advance
Further drinks can be ordered with your waiter and paid on the spot (with PICNIC coins)

What other things are happening that evening?
The PICNIC conference and most PICNIC specials finish at the end of the afternoon. From 18.30 to 20.00 the Green Challenge Award Ceremony is taking place, as well as the PICNIC specials The Children of Europe - Video Republic. and the Amsterdam Creative Tour. Delegates to those events are also invited to join the gathering in the Gashouder.


  • Once you make your order, we will send you an invoice that needs to be paid at the latest on Monday 22 September.
  • Please realise that once you make an order you cannot change it later on!
  • You are free to request more than one table; but you need to appoint a host for every table. We will list the PICNIC Dinner Hosts on our website.
  • We will send you vouchers that will also be your access passes for the dinner area; your guests need to bring their own voucher to get access to this area.
  • The dinner area will have a host assisting people to their table
  • You may purchase vouchers and send them to your invited guests in advance, or you may buy vouchers and invite people at PICNIC, as you wish!

So join us and host this dinner with us - it will be fun.

How to order?
For more information please contact:

Saskia Waldhober

and indicate your wishes!