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dotopen is a platform for decision makers to connect & collaborate.

It is aimed and open to any organization interested in developing its ecosystem in order to advance in business and innovation. dotopen fosters an open community that values transparency, authenticity and cooperation.

Discover and be discovered
Any organization, no matter how large or small, can create one or multiple profiles on dotopen to present itself and be discovered. After creating a company profile, up to 5 users can search & browse other profiles to explore new partnership and business opportunities, to find potential clients, competitors, investors, suppliers and projects.

Follow and be followed
Organizations can add their different RSS streams to share their news and activities with other companies. Users can follow any and all of the organizations streams displaying them in a concise way, creating a personalized business stream. This filtered stream helps decision-makers to stay focused on relevant news and real-time updates of the companies in their radar.

Develop your ecosystem
dotopen is a great tool to develop your ecosystem as it is made for decision makers to engage with colleagues in other companies. At dotopen, we're convinced that only openness serves a company's competitiveness in an increasingly complex and aware environment.

Any organization can sign-up for free and create a company profile. Sign-up here at

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