Edgar Perotti

Creator of virtual space in real life

As an architect I like to create unique spatial concepts in witch concealed space is supplemented by technical elements of the near future. In virtual environments there are no physical limitations and we have 'logic programming' available in our toolbox. This is one of the reasons why virtual architecture and interactive installations have my attention for now.

Virtual building in real life
Lets connect the virtual with the physical world by making use of a web interface and camera.

City of YouTopolis in SecondLife
Wouldn't it be nice to build a compact virtual city in SL, where all interesting things come together and people happily cluster together in one architecture? With the opportunaty to build your personal apartment right in the center of all this?
Do you want to help build this city? We are looking for professionals in the design industry. Work together in a joint effort to build the perfect virtual city of "YouTopolis"!

Future Projects>>>
Expand your view with an artificial outdoor illusion. By using infrared motion tracking to control the viewpoint of a 3D-model, an illusion of perspective can be created. The image is projected on your ceiling.

Imagine a platform hanging within trees of a tropical rain forest. A stay here offers just a minimum of conventional holiday fascillaties, and a maximum of time just with nature and yourself. But, it has video links with similar platforms on other locations. On the 4 sides of your platform an illusion of a window is created by making use of video projection and motion tracking.