Hogeschool van Amsterdam

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) (Amsterdam College) is an educational institution that offers more than eighty educational programmes, serves as a partner in commerce and industry, is a major employer, and is also an important player in the knowledge field.

The college offers part-time, bridging and fulltime courses that are clustered based on the following areas of interest:
- Movement, Sports and Nutrition
- Economy and Management
- Health
- Law and Social Sciences
- Media, Creation and Information
- Education and Training
- Engineering

The HvA collaborates closely with the University of Amsterdam (UvA), which offers significant added value in the fields of education and research. The two educational institutions bundle their efforts in a wide range of research areas to stimulate knowledge sharing and exchange, and to enhance research efficiency. The cooperation also offers the students of the two institutes opportunities for further education and personal development, either in depth or in breadth.

Contact information

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  • Studievoorlichting
  • 1012 ZA
  • Amsterdam
  • NL