Ronald Lenz

Augmented City Lab: MAKE!

PICNIC '09 Lab

23 Sep 2009

Waag Society, 7scenes and Layar will host a one-day Augmented City Lab at PICNIC. The Lab focuses on near-future scenarios for mobile location-aware services. Services that will strongly impact the way we experience the city and create new possibilities for fields such as tourism, cultural heritage, transport and entertainment.

The Augmented City Lab: MAKE! is a creative prototyping session in which teams will develop new concepts for the City of Amsterdam to be presented later to the main PICNIC audience.

This MAKE! segment of the Augmented City Lab is an invitation-only event.


Prototyping technologies include:

  • 7scenes, platform for GPS games & tours
  • Layar, Augmented Reality Browser
  • iRFID, phone-object interaction
  • Laser Tag, graffiti on buildings
  • iPhone/AR

If you are interested in joining the prototyping sessions of this Lab, please e-mail ronald [at]

This session is followed by the Augmented City Lab: PITCH! session, where the results of this Lab will be presented to the PICNIC audience in the PICNIC Conference Hall (Transformer Room) as part of PICNIC Bites from 18:15 to 18:30.
7scenes is a mobile and online platform to create, play and share GPS games and tours. With 7scenes it’s easy to set up location-based experiences that can have a range of different rules of interaction: from complex multi-user role playing games to interactive treasure hunts to media-rich cultural tours.

Layar is an Augmented Reality browser. A free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone.

This prototyping setup is based on the idea that using rfid phones can 'scan' and interact with any physical object in your surroundings. The setup is based on Touch-a-Tag technology and is supported by Karim Amrani of Jibly.

Laser Tag
LaserTag: use a laserpointer to draw digital graffiti, and project this in realtime on large surfaces with a digital projector. Based on the LaserTag-technology as developed by GRL (Graffiti Research Lab), Lemonade Animation combined 3D-animation and LaserTag-software to change large surfaces, such as buildings, into canvases for pre-made and realtime artwork. Example:

This set-up is provided by Lemonade Animation, a digital effects studio specialized in 3D-animation, motion graphics and post-production.

This prototyping setup lets you quickly create mock-ups on the iPhone and possibly explore AR options. This set-up is supported by Jelle Prins of