samar maakaron

Samar has worked as a visual communication specialist for the past 14 years in the Middle East and the UK. Throughout her career she undertook numerous projects that spanned print and digital design, animation, video, and branding. She has a BA from the American University of Beirut, and MA from the university of Goldsmiths in London.

During the past 8 years she has lived and worked in London, on a multitude of projects in various countries, some multilingual, such as the Intercontinental Aqaba Resort in Jordan, the Royal Hotel in Lebanon and the Emporium and Souk complex in Abu Dhabi, The United Nation Development board for Arab Countries, The Bahrain Development board, Birds Eye View film festival, and Creative Partnerships UK. She also worked in the field of interactive media, creating digital interactives and apps for musuems like the National Charter museum in Bahrain and the Southampton Sea city museum.

In 2003, she started working in theatre as a digital artist and set designer. Since then she has designed sets and motion graphics for 5 performances (directed by Rabih Mroueh) that toured extensively in Europe and worldwide.
- 33 tours et Quelques secondes premiere in Avignon, 2012
- Photo-Romance premiere in Avignon, 2009
- How Nancy Wished that Everything Was An April Fool’s Joke premiere in Tokyo, 2007
- Who’s Afraid of Representation premiere in Berlin, 2004
- Looking for a Missing Employee premiere in Beirut, 2003

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