At Random? Netwerken en kruisbestuivingen

17 Nov 2007
7 Apr 2008

From 17 November 2007 through 6 April 2008, Museum De Paviljoens will show
At Random? Netwerken en kruisbestuivingen (Networks and cross-pollinations), an exhibition with the character of a workshop that will continue to develop and expand until April 2008. In the exhibition, Museum De Paviljoens - along with the participating artists and designers - investigates creative processes within the present-day network society.

As its point of departure the exhibition At Random? takes the idea that creative processes – nowadays more than ever – do not evolve linearly but in an associative and unpredictable way. At Random? is inspired by the enormous offering of information that is produced on a daily basis within our media society. The e-culture with Internet, GPS systems, podcasting and the world wide web play a major role in the random transferral and receipt of images, information and sound.

The exhibition At Random? deals with interdisciplinary cross-pollinations, networks and sources of inspiration for the artists, designers and curators that are involved in the exhibition. At Random? is about the creation process – of the individual works as well as the exhibition in its entirety – and about unexpected encounters, productive side-roads and letting go of linear thinking and (seeming) control.

What binds the participants in At Random? is a mentality, a way of working. They don’t follow the beaten path, but let themselves be inspired by the process. The exhibition starts out with Nathalie Bruys, Jeanne van Heeswijk, KKEP / bliin, LUST, Luna Maurer & Jonathan Puckey, team Optionaltime III (Susan Lekås et al), Aue Paviljoens 1992 and Museum De Paviljoens.

It’s an ongoing process!
At Random? is the sequel to exhibitions such as Non Lineair Editing (2002), Methods of Investigation (2004) and SITUATIES / Laboratorium Flevoland (2005) at Museum De Paviljoens. These exhibitions also had a process-like character and referred to creative processes or the perception of meaning in contemporary visual arts.

Opening happening
The exhibition At Random? will open on 17 November at 5 p.m. with the official presentation of Systems, a publication that presents an overview of the work of Jeanne van Heeswijk. A continuing programme of activities will take place during the opening. Lectures and discussions ensure an interaction between the audience and artists and create a breeding ground for new ideas, art works or collaborations.