4 Tuned Cities

Independent Film and Visual Arts Festival

1 Oct 2010
31 Dec 2010

“4 Tuned Cities” is Skopje’s most off the beaten track festival, fully dedicated to independent film and visual arts. The manifestation is part of a project consisting of 4 different festivals taking place in four cities: Sarajevo, Pristina, Amsterdam, and Skopje. A cross border team consisting of four cultural organisations based in these cities is working intensively together to present Skopje’s audience with a multidisciplinary, alternative cultural programme lasting four days.

You can expect: a film programme compiled from the four cities’ film networks in the region and Western Europe, and an exhibition presenting each cities’ most contemporary visual artists. We invite young artists and cultural operators to engage in discussions, public actions and networking, and every day progressive international musicians and sound performers will be staged.

“4 Tuned Cities” wants to reach, connect and inspire artists, filmmakers, cultural workers, people with a passion for alternative culture, and anybody curious for something different. A new, provocative, open and engaged festival will come to your city this autumn. Fresh culture hitting Skopje!


4 Tuned Cities current logo - irmin van der meijden