Creative Amsterdam Update #3: The Golden Key (English)

22 Mar 2012

'The Golden Key': which key unlocks the door to company growth? International leaders combined with local insights. With guest speakers Matt Bain (AKQA), Engin Celikbas (KesselsKramer), Ole Christern (N=5), Sylvain Lierre (Philips) and Cees Wijnnobel (VEA).

The Golden Key: Unlocking business opportunities for company growth

The current economic situation, whilst creating certain business challenges, is also opening doors to new opportunities. Brands are looking to connect with consumers in a new media landscape and, as such, are looking to shake-up their marketing strategy by collaborating with new creative agency partners.

But how do you convert that business introduction into a business win? There are brands out there knocking on doors. How do you make sure that your agency holds the golden key which unlocks the door to company growth?

This edition of Creative Amsterdam, ‘Unlocking Business Opportunity’, brings together business leaders with both international and local insights into the creative industry. They will share their experience and advice on business acquisition and forging sustainable growth.
Moderator: Kerrie Finch, founding CEO, FinchFactor

With the following speakers:

Matt Bain, Managing Director AKQA
Engin Celikbas, Owner KesselsKramer
Ole Christern, Managing director N=5
Sylvain Lierre, Head of Integrated Marketing Communications Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Cees Wijnnobel, Director VEA

TIP: Prior to the event you can enjoy the Italian cuisine at the restaurant