Minding Animals Conference

Animal studies, welfare and ethics

3 Jul 2012
6 Jul 2012

Minding Animals Utrecht is the second in a series of conferences about scientific, ethical and social issues related to human interactions with and uses of animals.


Minding Animals Conference -


The aim of the conference is to bring together academics from different areas (animal welfare, animal ethics, and animal studies in general) with politicians and a broad variety of interest groups. The conference offers a platform for exchange of information about research developments, debates about controversial political and ethical issues concerning the treatment of animals and a variety of cultural activities around animals.


The Minding Animals Conference 2012 will take place from July 4th to July 6th in Utrecht. The conference starts with an opening reception, followed by a public lecture by Prof. John Coetzee on Tuesday evening, July 3th. The conference ends with a public lecture by Prof. Marc Bekoff, followed by the conference dinner on Friday July 6th in the evening.

For more information check this website where you can also find the program in detail.
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