Mediamatic Lab

web2.0 agency for making social networks

Mediamatic Lab is a design and consultancy bureau that makes social networks work. All our projects are about sharing knowledge, stories, photo's, ideas and more via a network.

Mediamatic Foundation, the cultural institution for new media & culture, is the sister organisation of Mediamatic Lab.


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Our view is that communication and interaction design should be integrated. Mediamatic is committed to a strong conceptual design. This design is the result of integrating the development of concept, information structure, interaction design, editorial procedures, transaction models, technology and distribution. Graphical design is important, but also just one of the many components of our projects.

We also provide practical and strategic advice on design, in the broadest sense of the word: from concept to styling, from copy to editorial systems, from interaction design to the use of (new) media within organisations.

Mediamatic Lab has the ability to supply its clients with complete packages: from concept to technical production. We also engage in partnerships with other companies.

We work for clients in business, in government, education and in the cultural world.

Besides realising state of the art projects, Mediamatic Lab has the ambition to advance the general development and innovation of the field, the theory and culture of new media.

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