Nutsa Nadareishvili & Nutsa Kandelaki

Anything goes in Tbilisi

Underground cultural events are new to Tbilisi and it is very difficult to find information about them in newspapers and TV. We are happy to make this information more accessible through our tour and bring more of these emerging artists to light.


Nutsas close-up - Image provided by Nutsa Nadareishvili & Nutsa Kandelaki Nutsa Nadareishvili & Nutsa Kandelaki

We, Nutsa & Nutsa, both graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts in the school of architecture in 2008. During our studies, they worked on a “zoning project and social factors of Agmashenebeli avenue (old Tbilisi)” . The project was awarded international prize in Berlin Technical University.Meet us in Café Kala in the old part of town. We'll be your guides in Tbilisi, make sure you meet us first for some fine homemade-wine and then we're ready to plan your trip.

Fine as wine
Visit Art Kera Studio, where a very artistic family is running a studio inside their house. Almost everything in the house and studio is handmade on the spot by family members: furniture, interior design or paintings. The family also owns a small vineyard and you will be invited to taste some Georgian home-made wine and chacha, home-made vodka with an 80% alcohol content. The studio, as well as the house and the yard area, are often used as an exhibition space for Georgian artists.

Art invasion
After some much needed morning coffee, meet the people behind the Centre for Global Coordination of Culture and Art (CGCCA). CGCCA wants to stimulate the development of a contemporary art infrastructure in Georgia. CGCCA is one of the initiators of the Artisterium project. Artisterium is the International Forum of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi; a relatively new, artist-run, non-profit annual event that showcases the best and brightest artists and works from all over the world. This is your chance to take a sneak peek and see it all first-hand!

Air Georgia

Join us and artist Sophia Tabatadze for some more Georgian home-made wine. Sophia is one of the co-founders of GeoAir. Since 2003 this organisation has done it's best to boost the Georgian art world by organising and supporting international projects and finding relevant contexts for artists to work in. Discuss and continue your conversation at the open air club Wakanda.

Take it with you
Then we'll introduce you Nana Kutateladze, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. Nana Kutateladze lectures about the Soviet influence on the chaotic development of contemporary architecture in Tbilisi. Continuing with the chaos, you spend your evening in one of funniest places of Tbilisi: Tan Tsaige karaoke bar! Tan Tsaige literally means ‘take it with you’. The name suits the place, because you can buy anything inside the bar and take it home! You will have a fantastic time and take home some photos of the evening for free.

Me against the music
Go out in the night clubs of Shardeni Street. A few of the smaller ones on this street are very popular among the artsy circle of Tbilisi. Almost everybody who goes here knows everybody else. This is the place for new and innovative Georgian DJs to play the hippest music. Make some new friends and be sure to get invited to a house party after clubbing - this is very common in Tbilisi and something you shouldn’t miss! The format is simple: lots of friends get together in a house, have more drinks and listen to their DJ friend’s hot new tracks!

Visit the flea market on Dry Bridge where you find people selling all manner of stuff from the Soviet era and other vintage and antique items. Bargain like a pro while finding almost anything you can imagine.

*Summer Bonus*

If you visit Georgia during summer, you might get a chance to attend:

Tbilisi Jazz Festival, one of the best festivals in Eastern Europe. Many famous jazz players have made this festival famous: Ray Charles, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, Marcus Miller and many others.*

Kiketi open-air electronic music festival only 15 minutes from Tbilisi with fabulous Georgian DJs, drinks and good times.*

*dates and times to be announced soon!

Stuff to do
Night office
Wakanda (open air club)
Kaizer Brau
Prospero’s café bookstore
Purpure (artsy café lots of handmade neat stuff!)
Lit café bookstore

Lagidze waters Georgian lemonade - try cream with chocolate
Nabeglavi, Borjomi sparkling mineral waters

Bus: 40 Tetri. If you are a student 20 Tetri
Mini bus: 50 Tetri
Taxi: 4 lari in the centre
Taxi from airport: 25 Lari
Railway: 2 Lari

Hotel Tamara inn - 30$ per night
Flat for rent by Internet: depends
Find a Georgian friend to live with: priceless++++ Day 1 - Amsterdam - Tbilisi