Vladimir Abramov

Never a Dull Moment in Kiev

Here in Kiev, there is a growing art and cultural realm off-set by a wild underground crowd. Let me show you around and you won't be sorry you came by in Kiev.


Vladimir Abramov - Image provided by Vladimir Abramov

My name is Vladimir Abramov. I'm a journalist at Segodnya ('Today'), one of the most popular newspapers in the Ukraine. I also exercise my creativity in painting, writing cartoons and music. Not too long ago, I was the frontman of a jazz/punk/performance band called 'F in Mathematics'. What would I show you in Kiev? Here are some of my favourites:

The art-cafe Antersol, where you can check out some of the work on display from their current exhibition. It's a rather popular place with the creative crowd called Khlib. It will really get you into the trip.

The Pinchuk Art Centre. Pinchuk is one of the largest centres for contemporary art in Eastern Europe. Their key mission is to modernise the Ukrainian artistic scene and to promote the development of a new generation of Ukrainian artists. They have very stimulating exhibitions and you need to plan on spending some time there due to a significant amount of cutting-edge people hanging out at the Centre.

Check out Zeh, one of Ukraine’s most successful contemporary arts businesses. They are a gallery that works hard to help young artists to get recognition with a wider public audience and become respected members of the Ukrainian visual artists’ community. Zeh has loads of work by young Ukrainian masters that have a reputation for being not only talented, but a bit loco (as good artists should be).

If the weather is fine, take a walk through the Andriyivskyy Descent. This street is the best place to see the city metamorphosis in the making. The descent begins at the summit of the Starokyivska Hora (Old Kiev mountain) and is littered with truly traditional architecture and scenery. However, what makes this interesting is the present infusion of edgy galleries, cultural organisations and funky eye-candy.

Start off your night at the Hudgraf, a very colourful gallery with workshops and nice parties. After staking out the scene and hob-nobbing with all the right people, you, me and whoever else you have encountered go to BZH-ART - a union of artists that is very active in the present art culture of Kiev.

If Gallery 'Lavra' has any unusual performances in the works, it's definitely worth swinging by. If not, the Ya Gallery is a great place to spend your afternoon viewing the best and brightest of the contemporary fine arts and photography community.

Join with some of your buddies for a quick lunch at Puzata Khata to relive the events of the past week over nice coffee and some of the local salo (salted, cured pork) that is so dearly loved by the locals.

More things to do!

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Casino River Palace
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Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square of Independence
Andriyivskyy Descent avoid the cheesy shops
Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra huge monastery
Zolotye Vorota golden gate of the city