Youmna Habbouche

Wonder waves in Lebanon

A sunny trip along the shores.

Enough with rivers. I propose a road trip along Lebanon's seaside. We will stop at some specific shores, bars, coffee shops and restaurants, wake up by the sea, get hit by the sun... A complete inspiration.

Sunscreen recommended, and perhaps a big book you never had time to read.


Youmna Habbouche - Image provided by Youmna

Hi, I'm Youmna, your guide in Tyr, Lebanon. The best thing I could recommend you doing, is to make a roadtrip. Some suggestions:

The first thing you'll have to do when you get to Beirut, is go to Tripoli. Meet my friend Joe Elias, a graphic artist, and musician. There your road trip will start, the North of Lebanon.

Later, if security let’s us in, we must visit the incomplete ‘Rashid Karame International Exhibition Center’, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Tripoli – Batroun
Now, head south, to Hamat. At this old political airport, we’ll need to talk about lebanese history and politics, unfortunately.
In Batroun, later in the day, we can walk around, and dine at Maguy’s.

If the weather permits, a swim is now a must, especially at Pierre & friends. All of Pierre’s friends, are either artists, DJs, designers, or windsurfers. Get yourself submerged.

Batroun – Byblos - Beirut
Time to move on? Go to Byblos, have lunch at Pepe Abed, whose walls have so much to say. Actually, all of Byblos has a lot to say. We’ll walk around I guess.

Later, in Beirut, you can have a walk by the sea, then up to Hamra Street. Meet Ziad Nawfal there, for a drink, and talk about the alternative music scene in Beirut.

Beirut – Saida – Tyr
Move more south, stop at Saida for some grilled Corn, a look at the old souk, and head to Hotel Fanar in Tyr.

Tyr – Beirut
The best for last, the most beautiful shore in Lebanon, you cannot but spend the day there.


Red Marlboros: € 1,20
Turkish coffee: € 2,00
Almaza beer: € 3,00
Grilled Shrimps: € 25,00 per kilogram