Mushroom Men: The spore wars

Nintendo Wii video game

The backyard becomes a battlefield in this video game. Projected on our screens during Museum Nacht, visitors can play this fungal game at more then microscopic proportions.


Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars - Video game image

Plant forms become sentient beings and the Wii remote becomes a bazooka in this fungal crusade.

Mushroom Men inhabit the world that is invisible to the naked eye, the world that is often overlooked. Taking place in a post-comet world, where the strange green dust left behind started causing plants and fungi to begin acting strangely. Mushrooms, cacti, flowers and vines had awakened to full consciousness and tribes quickly formed, building plant and fungi nations. This game shows the world from the surreal perspective of a three inch high Mushroom Man. As a brave Bolete Mushroom, players can wreak havoc on their enemies!