Dig up dirt

A lot comes up during migrating

17 Mar 2013

While we catch our catfish from the towers downstairs to migrate them, we dig up a lot of hidden things from the fish tanks.


Jules trying a new smaller pump for the test system - Picture made during the Mediamatic DIY Aquaponics Building Weekend #2 at Mediamatic Fabriek. Nadine Hottenrott

Because the fish crowd together a lot, some things stay hidden underneath the veil of fish bodies. For migrating we try to catch the smaller fish, so we take out the water to a low level.

Last time, when we did tower 1, we dug up a lost air stone, a cap from an automatic feeder and a dead fish that apparently didn't float and already showed some rotting signs.

This time its the turn of tower 2. Let's clear the dirt out!