Verity Oberg


Verity Oberg - Nerdlinger Verity Oberg

With: Verity Oberg

Curator, independent tour guide, web designer, translator, artist, student.

I moved to Berlin for the first time in the Summer of '89, shortly before the Wall fell. Since then, I have been jumping back and forth between the east coast of the USA and the city that I feel is as close to the notion of "home" as I can get: Berlin. I am a typical "third culture kid" who doesn't feel German or American but simply a Berliner.

After many years of taking friends and acquaintances around my favorite spots in Berlin I decided to give "professional" guiding a try. However, after too many days feeling more like a babysitter than a guide, I decided to go independent and more specialized.

I have spent some time assisting artists and curators and in 2009, took the leap and opened my own gallery in Neukoelln. While the gallery concentrates on young, contemporary local art, my own stuff usually consists of found materials and ephemera. I am constantly picking things up off the ground and gluing them to other things.