Creative Tour


Get introduced to the most creative companies in the Netherlands!

The Amsterdam-based organizations Syntens, MediaGuild and the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) are proud to organize the 4th consecutive Creative Tour during PICNIC '09. Thursday 24 September and Friday 25 September the Creative Tour will take place in the creative city atmosphere of the PICNIC Club (Gashouder) -- a real market where approximately 40 entrepreneurs will showcase their latest and greatest business ideas.


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This year the event is being held at the PICNIC grounds itself, as the number of participants has nearly doubled. They will present themselves during two different days.

This tour will provide the guests with a broad overview of the creative industry in the Netherlands, showing both starting and established entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs using cutting edge technologies working in the fields of gaming, new media, industrial design, life The companies will be showing their latest products, services and inventions. Visitors are invited to challenge them and look for business opportunities, whether it is producing, cooperation or financing.

Afterwards there will be ample time to follow up on all the interesting contacts you'll make during the market and to continue your talks.

Take a look at each of the creative tour sessions at the right to learn how to participate.

On Thursday, September 24th, the following companies will present themselves:
Anothercompany, Beamsystems, Butterflyworks, Eboman, Flavour, Gamewise, HelloMyNameIsE, Iconomical, Ilumy BV, Laika, next2news, Paladin, Parabots, Roomware, Studio Parkers, The Saints, VicarVision, WAACS Design & Consultancy, Xmediaworks, Youngworks;

And on Friday, September 25th, the following companies will present themselves:
178aardige ontwerpers,, Artificial Industry, Artstart, Cameraworks (Movietrader), De Monsters, DPI, Foto album, Fourcelabs, Greenwatch, IM-smiling, Lightmaker, Mijn Naam is Haas, MIMOA, Mister Harder, Moonfield, Spel-Maker, Studio Sophisti, Timboodle, Touching Media, Videostrip, VirtuaGym, Weirdbeard Games.

The Creative Tour is an initiative of Syntens, MediaGuild, and the Chamber of Commerce (KvK).