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I am a freelance animator and motiongraphic designer.

After graduation at the Rietveld academy i have been involved in many crossmedia projects both independent and admissioned.
As a result of my online flash animations and vj performances i released a DVD of independent filmmaterial and music produced by Dutch production company Submarine.
With my audiovisual vj act Drifter TV, i played many a venue in Holland and abroad.

After leaving artschool my work has involved in many directions;
I created interactive flash applications and games as well as illustration work and musicvideo's.
My work can be seen online, on tv, the theater musea and in print.
I was also nominated twice for THE ONEMINUTE FILM AWARDS and won a TOMMY AWARD in the category best story, with the musicvideo DRIFTERS FROM OUTERSPACE.
My animation movies are beeing played on many festivals in Holland and abroad such as HAFF, EMAF,

The combination of beeing an independent artist and motion graphics designer is something i like the most about my work because the two influence each other in many way's.
As a freelance designer i worked for many company's in Holland such as Dutch broadcasters VPRO, VARA, NCRV, and media company's like Sony Music.
My speciality is working with multimedia sources making animations in a vivid colourful style.

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