Queer Live Art, underground performance club, experiments, laboratories, Performance art, experimental music... You name it.

Well, there is no Copenhagen without Warehouse9.


Warehouse9 - laboratorium

WAREHOUSE9 is a small performance space and art gallery founded in April 2007 in the old slaughter district in Central Copenhagen.

It is a space for contemporary art, music, poetry and performance with a direct link to the international queer community. It aims to break established boundaries in the music, theater, art and nightclub scene and create new links between genres and communities.

WAREHOUSE9 aims to bring art into life and life back into the art.

Since January 2009 Warehouse 9 has received core funding from the Danish Arts Council for the project Live Art Context in the period 2009-2011. The project aims to contextualize the local, national and international live art and performance scene through a monthly performance program, an annual international performance art festival and a research and documentation program.

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  • Warehouse9
  • VENUE – Bygning 66. The Brown Meat Packing District.
  • 1711
  • Copenhagen
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