Tanja Baudoin

How to document a Mediamatic project

For editors of www.mediamatic.net

When an event is taking place at Mediamatic, we make a special page for it. After it has taken place, some adjustments probably need to be made. Use this checklist to make sure the project is documented correctly.


An archive of flowers - Image by Aureusbay, taken from Flickr .

Before it takes place

You probably know how to create an event, but here are some basics that you have to remember:

- Create an artefact in the admin and signify whether it is an Event, Exhibition, Workshop or something else by checking the box in 'admin'.

- Make sure it has relevant keywords

- Add Mediamatic as the organizer (unless we aren't)

- Add all the involved people as actors

- Add a nice picture to make the event more attractive

- If the event is part of another event or project, fill in 'about' or 'part of' in the 'relations' section of the admin

During and After it takes place


- Make adjustments in the text if necessary, for instance: 'we will be showing' > 'we are showing' etc.

- Change the text into a proper review when one is available. Or write your own!


Also have a look at How do you add a picture to the site?

After an event or an opening has taken place, it is nice to add pictures. Keep everything in one page, so it can be found easily.

- Take pictures to document the event during different times. For instance in the case of an exhibition, take pictures during the opening party as well as during a normal day.

- Make sure we have good pictures taken by one of our staff or do it yourself. But also check Flickr and Facebook for nice pics by other people.

- Take pictures of people, of the space and of all the artworks.

- Check if some pictures need photoshopping and if yes, do it!

- All pictures should be uploaded on the website in high resolution when available. It is nice for visitors to be able to zoom in.

- Upload a picture and add a short title. Add extra information in the caption; where it was taken and by whom, and additional relevant info.

- Remember that the pictures on the site (and in Google) are independent entities. When editing, the title or caption should mention the event/name of show/project and 'Mediamatic'. Make sure they can be understood on their own.

- Add the photographer as the author (to all separate pictures)

- Tag people you recognize in the pictures

- Add where the picture was taken with the 'taken at' button

- For uploading large amounts of photos to the site, use the iPhoto gallery uploader. To find out how, check out the anyMeta manual (in Dutch). The pictures will then be placed in a set of the kind Gallery.

- By duplicating artefacts in the admin and then uploading new jpgs, you can save a lot of time for connecting and linking.