Standing Start + Tour des Legendes

Short film screening, Bicycle Film Festival.

8 May 2010
8 May 2010

Film Still Standing Start - UK 2007 | DV 12 min | Regie: Adrian McDowall en Finlay Pretsell Standing Start gaat over de wereld van de Olympisch- en Wereldkampioen baansprinter Craig MacLean, zijn onverschrokken focus en voorbereiding.


UK 2007 | DV 12 min | Dir. Adrian McDowall and Finlay Pretsell
Standing Start offers an insight into Olympian and World Champion Track Sprinter Craig MacLean, his unflinching focus and nifty preparation.


The Netherlands 2003 |16mm 68 min | Dir. Erik van Empel

French, Italian, Dutch,Flemish
With English subtitles

The film begins with an old newspaper article and a black-and-white photograph of sweating, mud-smeared cyclists. Erik van Empel takes us to the annals of the Tour De France: the yellowed magazines, scratched glass plates and damaged film footage that capture the history of the world’s most beautiful race. Featuring legendary cyclists Gino Bartali, Louison Bobet and Jean Robic - the fate of a whole nation (Italy) was at stake during their heroic 1948 struggle. The few riders of that era who are still alive today describe the unforgiving circumstances in which the battle was decided. The old archival material and the fabulous anecdotes lead to a visually spectacular film that expresses the mythical character of bicycle racing. The film ends where it started: with the modern Tour de France. Is there any heroism left in today’s media circus?

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