100% proof oddness from German Popov aka OMFO aka Our Man From Odessa.


OMFO - Found on his website.

The spectrum of OMFO's works is wide. He produces soundtracks for adult video clips and composes jingles for Turkmen radio stations. OMFO contributed his tracks to the russian made blockbuster "Manga" by Pyotr Khazizov. For the Venice biennale he wrote the soundtrack for the first ever Central Asian pavilion. Also, OMFO gives solo concerts and performs as a sound artist, as well as collecting field recordings. One of the new forms of using sound by OMFO is creation of a “sonic horoscopes” which are a peculiar way of linking astrology and music. In order to able to present his musical ideas avoiding European stereotypes he is constantly searching for the right venues and conditions to present his music to the audience. This brings OMFO in interaction with art galleries, theatres, cinemas, planetariums and botanical gardens.

OMFO is now looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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