Claud Butler


Vintage Claud Butler sign - Taken from Classic Rendezvous Mayken Craenen

Claud Butler

Claud Butler was a successful club rider who began making frames in his South London shed in the mid 1920’s. He turned into a flamboyant salesman without equal, throwing annual parties and producing advertisements, souvenirs and special models to promote his brand.


Claud Butler cycles were renowned for smartly incorporating innovative features such as bronze-weld construction and “fancy lugs” (both techniques that were pioneered by continental frame builders) that helped produce strong and distinctive frames.


In 1931 Claud Butler bikes appeared at the cycling World Championships in Copenhagen. This was followed by appearances at subsequent championships in Italy (1932), France (1933) and Germany (1934). In addition Claud Butler bikes were competing at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932. Sponsorship of recognised international racers such as Reg Harris, Eileen Sheridan, Peter Underwood and Dennis Sutton Horn, provided more exposure to this otherwise new brand.

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