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Old Faithful replica by Graeme Obree

This bike was built by Graeme Obree for the film "The Flying Scotsman". It is a replica of the Old Faithful he used to beat Moser's hour record in 1993.

text from Cyclinginfo

Graeme Obree developed this bike over the course of a few years. It was built by himself and includes unorthodox parts. For example he used a very narrow bottom bracket. There were no standard cycling bearings suitable so he used bearings from an old washing machine. The seat stem was also used from an old BMX tubing.

For the world hour record a replica bike was made by Arctic Shorter’s frame builder with help from Mike Burrows (who designed Chris Boardman’s Lotus Bike). For the first record attempt it was decided to use “Old Faithful’s” little sister because the new bike looked better. After his first attempt ended in failure Graeme decided to use the original “Old Faithful” for his second attempt.To many people’s surprise the next morning Graeme Obree broke F.Moser’s world hour record setting a new record of 51.596 Km.

The name “Old Faithful” was given to the bike just before the World Hour record. Whilst in Hamar, Norway journalists were intrigued by the bike. Graeme responded that she was my Old Faithful and the name has stuck since.