Spaken in het wiel: Union Fietsen

A business portrait of the Dutch Union bike brand.


Spaken in het Wiel - Union Fietsen - From Website RVU Sarah Birgitte Berckenkamp


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Dutch spoken

Engineer Jan Bosch, is as a mechanic help at Union Bikes. After hearing a negative advice on his build bikes, he is now looking for frames that are not in the parts warehouse, but should be there according to the administration. Because of this, building processes had to be stopped, to look for the missing parts to construct bikes.

Union Bikes was adopted by social shelter after bankruptcy. Director Jan Bosch wants to compete with other bike brands by not making any more series, but by delivering the bikes custom made to his customers. But these bikes are fixed by disabled workers who are used to work with series.

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Broadcasted on March 8th 2004.