FB Resistance Workshop

Friday April 22: Vive la résistance!

What if you could change Facebook's laws? You can! In this workshop you will learn how browser extensions (e.g. Firefox Add-Ons) enable you to locally modify Facebook.com and distribute it to the masses.


Facebook Resistance - Taken from F.A.T.'s website

Example Ideas

• Dislike Button
• Graffiti Wall (based on GML/webmarker.me)
• Auto-comment generator (e.g. LOL or Kanye West speak)
• Custom background images and visual css styling for your visitors
• Themes, e.g. change your FB’s color: pink, yellow…


Tobias Leingruber (@tbx) is an artist and free communication designer working in viral media, popular culture, amateur aesthetics and browser apps. As an advocate for openness and freedom online he has worked with many artists and organisations including the F.A.T. Lab, Artzilla.org and Mozilla.

Information and registration

We have space for 20 people. You can click on 'buy a ticket' to claim your spot right here. Location: Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68. If you have questions please contact Deborah Meibergen.