Anymeta Training part 1. (April '10)

For contributors

Friday April 23th, Mediamatic Lab organizes the monthly Anymeta Training. This months meeting is open for all contributors of Anymeta websites. Partners as well as new colleagues can participate in this session. If you would like to attend please let us know by RSVP via the green button.

The Anymeta training part 1. takes place this friday, 23th of April from 3 to 6 'o clock. We will meet at Mediamatic Lab, on the third floor of Duintjer CS. There are no costs involved for attending this session.

This training is an introduction to Anymeta. You don't need prior knowledge or experience. If you have any questions, please contact Eveline or Emina.

Content of this meeting

  • Introduction Anymeta system
    • Creating, sharing, linking content
    • Dealing with Visibility/ Copyright issues
    • Introduction to the admin

As a contributor you’re adding content to the website. You need to know how to:

  • Add content to an event, person, organisation or article
  • Search for information regarding your content
  • Add an image/video to your contribution
  • Adjust the visibility and copyrights accordingly
  • Be able to do all these things in the admin/ Find back contributions in the admin
  • Link your contributions (keywords, about role, fixed content)