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Backspace is a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands that promotes and organises events and that provides and maintains a network of promoters, audio-/visual-artists, producers, event-organisation, dj's, vj's, sound systems, labels, decorists, distributors, performers and all other good and creative souls that are somehow connected to the world of intelligent electronic music and electronic (audio-/visual) arts.

With 'intelligent electronic music' we mean the musical genres of the alternative and experimental modern electronics as opposed to the more commercial or uninspiring forms of electronic music.We focus on the genres of the experimental and electro-acoustics, IDM, tekno, breakcore, breaks, breakbeats, dubstep, grime, psy-trance, Drum&Bass, electro, trip hop, more downtempo and ambient soundworks and (in fusion with) live-/world-/classical/jazz-musicians, bearing in mind the world's old and various ways of making music.

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