Paul Segers

visual art

Through my work, I'm trying to comprehend or react to some of the issues of the 21st century. A century characterized by acceleration, polarization, technological overload and excess that seems to blur the line between reality and fiction more and more each day.

The ideas for works are collages that stem from every day life, literature, art, music, the internet and some theory. Sometimes a video or image I see will start a new idea, sometimes a situation on the street and other times an idea or a line from a book. In drawings and collages I then start to mix up ideas, materials, contexts, shapes, symbols and objects to form a new work or situation.

I am looking for contrasts and contradictions - both in the visual and the conceptual, displacements of situations, settings or scenes and I sometimes use a protagonist/antagonist to enact the scene. Being born in the south of the Netherlands, humor traditionally plays an important role in dealing with life and art.

Contact information

  • Paul Segers
  • Luipaardstraat 1
  • 5645CN
  • Eindhoven
  • NL