Badge paper

Perforated paper for badges & templates

  • When ordering perforated paper at the printer, be sure that the paper 
can be used for Laserjet printing. 
Laser printing heats the paper, so when the paper goes through the printer, the structure of the paper can change.
  • When the paper gets perforated, the pile will get a lot of pressure on it from the machine that pushes the perforation teethes through. Because of this, the sheets will stick together. There are different kinds of perforation teethes, but this will not solve the problem.
  • _Extra note_: paper we have used so far has been 120 grams

The only way to avoid the paper to stick together during printing the badges, is to loosen the pile before putting it in the printer like this:

Printers where we have ordered perforated paper:

Badges should always be printed on a Dell printer. It has more paper feed accuracy than the HP laserjets and they are printers commonly used for the registration process.