Raising Doubts

Do you live your dream? Help with the creation of a flower infographic.

Are you fundamentally lonely? Do you break taboos? Join us and start Raising Doubts (Twijfel Zaaien) in Amsterdam's newest hotspot: Dijkspark. Thirty questions about life and art lead you along the green walkway. You answer these questions by sowing flowerseeds. This way your answers will grow out to become part of a lush infographic, and you will get to know what type of artist you would have been.

Raising Doubts is an initiative by Jasmin Moeller and Masha Ru in collaboration with Mediamatic. You can visit the installation daily until the 31th of December 2017.


Twijfel Zaaien zadenkaart - How to plant your answer in the flower beds Op 5 mei 2015 wordt de tentoonstelling Twijfel Zaaien (Raising Doubts) geopend bij Mediamatic. Bezoekers helpen mee met het inzaaien van Amsterdam’s nieuwste hotspot: Dijkspark. Dertig vragen over het leven en de kunst leiden de bezoekers langs de groene promenade. Je geeft antwoord door bloemaden te planten. Zo groeien je antwoorden in de zomer uit tot een weelderige infographic. Én je komt erachter wat voor een kunstenaar je geweest zou zijn.

Twijfel Zaaien

The questions in Raising Doubts are based on earlier research by artist Jasmin Moeller (The Reality of Theory) and are inspired by the essay The myth of Artisthood by art historian Camiel van Winkel. In this work, van Winkel distinguishes three types of artists: Romantic, Modernistic and Beaux-Art. Answering the questions does not only serve to start a conversation, but also show what kind of artist you would have been. Do you identify more with Van Gogh, Marina Abramović or Miss Van?


Can you stop observing yourself? - One of the 30 questions from the Twijfel Zaaien installation.

The Installation

Raising Doubts asks you thirty questions during a walking tour through Dijkspark. Large planters have been set up in a grid and show the questions on their sides (one one side in English, and on the other, in Dutch). As a visitor, you are supplied a punch card containing flower seeds. You answer by pushing the appropriate answer seed from the card into the planters, sowing your answer into the ground.


Girl Raising Doubts - Girl at the opening of Twijfel Zaaien, planting her answer flower seed in the soil.


Sowing the seeds at Twijfel Zaaien - Woman pushes a flower seed in the soil at the opening of Twijfel Zaaien


Man scanning his card at the Evaluator -


Would you like to learn what type of artist you would have been? After answering your 30 questions you can scan your seedcard into the Raising Doubts evaluator. The top of the tower will show you your artist's colour: Green stands for modern, red for romantic and blue for beaux-art. At the same time a small evaluation is printed inside the entrance.


Scanning the Twijfel Zaaien seedcard - You can scan your Twijfel Zaaien answering card. This way you'll learn what type of artist you would have been.


Twijfel Zaaien installation at the Dijksgracht - The Twijfel Zaaien installation consists of 30 flower beds with questions about life and art.


At this moment, the Dijkspark is under much development. Local residents, together with Klimmuur Centraal, Hannekes Boom, Barco Restaurant, the Shaffy Tuin and Mediamatic are working to keep Dijkspark bee-friendly, biodiverse, and (mostly) free from cars. The Raising Doubts project is one of many initiatives to contribute to this goal. In our selection of flower seeds, a beekeeper was consulted.


Jasmin Moeller at the opening of Twijfel Zaaien - Jasmin Moeller is one of the two artists who initiated Twijfel Zaaien.

Jasmin Moeller

With a background in Psychology, Theatre Science and the Arts, Jasmin is keen on combining elements of research, behavioural studies and the arts. The creation of artwork with various layers of rationality, absurdity, imaginative power and research elements are the main focus of her artisthood.

Masha Ru

Masha Ru (1984, Russia) is an artist with background in natural science, living and working in Amsterdam. Her projects combine Mathematics and scientific research with a personal, cultural and spiritual approach.


Sponsors: Amsterdam, Stimuleringsfonds, Mondriaan Fonds - Three of the sponsors of Mediamatic.


Casting Doubts is made possible, in part, by: Gemeente Amsterdam, Het Mondriaan Fonds, Creatieve Industrie, Stichting Stokroos, AKV St. Joost, Tuin Joop,Cruydthoek,De Godin,Bolderik,Silene,123 Zaden,Velt,Zaadhof, De Nieuwe Tuin and Seed Care.


Carlo and Ruud planting flower seeds at the opening of Twijfel Zaaien - Planting flower seeds at the opening of Twijfel Zaaien. The seeds will grow out to become a growing infographic.

Raising Doubts (Twijfel Zaaien)
Daily until December 31th 2019
You can access the installation for free
Purchase the seed card for €5,- at Mediamatic Eten
Mon + Tues 09:00 - 20:00 / Wed - Fri 09:00 - 22:00 / Sat + Sun 11:00 - 22:00
Check our calendar for extended opening hours and events.

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam