More fun things for the People

Don’t expect extensive shopping opportunities in Noord. There’s a bunch of uninspiring shopping centres where exclusivity does not usually reign supreme. Vintage lovers however, can indulge themselves. But for a real all-round shopping spree, you better take a train to Antwerpen, located in Belgium, less than two hours away. Are you a beauty freak? Then North is the place to be. Nail salons are the local beauty specialty. Don’t be shocked by the common bright pink interior, and adorn your hands at a reasonable price.


Fight Culture - Noord has a fervent physical culture. The yellow pages show quite a list of individual freelancers in categories like ‘contractor’ and ‘driving lessons’. There’s lots of gyms, soccer courts, hair salons and nail salons. In addition to schools and clubs for martial arts, plenty of fighting competitions are organized. Noord has raised many famous kick boxers and free-fight champions over the years (Photo: Boris Postma).