Peter Robinett

What Is anyMeta?

Here at Mediamatic we call anyMeta a Community Management System.
You may know lots of other web tools that go by the CMS acronym but for us a Community Management System is very different from the Content Management Systems that you probably know. Not surprisingly, anyMeta is focused on communities and creating the circumstances both online and offline to succeed. When we use the word 'management' we don't mean any sort of top-down, command-and-control system but instead the parameters whereby the anyMeta site owner can create the conditions for a community to coalesce. Because of this interpersonal focus anyMeta has an extremely strong focus on understanding and representing the relationships between real 'things' in the system. Because life is complicated and rich, anyMeta is designed as an extraordinarily flexible system, with the goal that you should be able to describe any relationships between anything.