Turntable Music Night

with special guests DJ L?K?O + DJ Elephant Power

25 Nov 2010

A concert of music featuring local and international turntablists and sound artists.
Featuring: Yann Leguay, Damian Marhulets, and x-0-x
Time: 20.30 hrs. (doors open 20.00 hrs.)
Charge: 5 euros


Turntable Music Night 8 Flyer - An evening of experimental turntable music. Featuring: Yann Leguay Damian Marhulets x-0-x with special guests DJ L?K?O + DJ Elephant Power STEIM Agent

For the 8th installment of our experimental turntable music series, we are happy to present two new emerging artists as well as a veteran in field. Yann Leguay works with some of the most fundamental sounds of the medium, sometime carving the groove into the vinyl with a razor blade while the record is playing or other times setting the turntable on fire. Damian Marhulets' work crosses between turntablism, contemporary electro-accoustic music and 8 bit video games. His audio-visual sets are full of vinyl scratches and digital glitches created through hid custom software. Local veteran DJ x-0-x created a wonderful CD made completely from the "un-sounds" of the record: the hisses, the hums and the clicks. He will be performing an experimental DJ set with materials from the CD. And we have a special addition of DJ L?K?O from Japan and DJ Elephantpower. L?K?O is one of the most inventive DJs in Japan, don't miss it!

Videos //
Yann Leguay
Damian Marhulets
DJ Elephant Power

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