The Young Shaman Perspective

Music and audiovisual ceremony (free entry)

20 Dec 2010

The Young Shaman Perspective are a group of young artists and musicians who explore new ways of presenting visual arts and performing music, in an attempt to give new value to our postmodern melting pot of image and sound. TYSP celebrate this complexity through a ceremony with which they aim to produce a contemplated physicality of our information society, to prompt all of the senses.


TYSP Front Flyer - Jonathan Reus

Gathered around an audiovisual installation, TYSP will explore and intertwine various musical and spiritual threads, from traditional folk to electro-acoustic instruments, from occultism to modern science. During a ceremony at STEIM they hope to find a spiritual presence between technology and the body.

The Young Shaman Perspective (TYSP) is a project by Rubin van Kooyk, featuring Younes Riad, Rutger Muller, Joakim Drescher, Julien Debey, Caetano Carvalho and Toru Fujimoto. TYSP experiments with the presentation of music and image in an attempt to give a new value to the melting pot of multicultural information with which the internet floods us. With a wide variety of interests ranging from traditional folk music to electro-acoustic and experimental electronic music; from occultism to the study of Internet phenomena, they hope to find a spiritual presence between the possibilities of technology and their own human potential.

Entry for this performance is free.
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